We live in an amazing century. There has never been a time with more options to the consumer. We can have just about anything we dream up, and we can have it almost instantly. We want things faster, and more affordably than ever before. Automation and mass production bring goods to more people, at a lower cost.

There is one area of consumerism that remains constant. Hand crafted, truly artistic items will always take time, be individually differernt, and involve a real human person from start to finish. The skills involved in creating these hand crafted things were honed with years of experience. Each aspect of their creation was poured over with such intense attention from the creator that it reflects the soul of the artist. One artist cannot be mistaken for another if you become familiar with their work. Their fingerprints remain with the things they create.

That is what I find uniquely wonderful about handcrafted things. When I give hand crafted gifts, they seem to carry with them greater than monetary value.  The depth of expression is richer, more meaningful, and lasting. That is something that isn't carried in the big box stores.